Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?


BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes:saleinsurancequotes.xyz





My freind is driving with out car insurance. Is this ok?

A freind of mine, 23yrs old, has just bought a $1000 car to get herself around from work and school. She lives alone with her sister, who is 25 and grandmother and has told me that she needs this car badly but can not afford to pay car insurance. I've been told that she can go to jail and loose her lisence. What can be done to help her out? She lives in florida USA.



Should I continue to pay for insurance on my old car?

I bought a new car last month and I called my insurance company to tell them, and they added the car onto my existing insurance for my old car. I've had to pay around 400. in the last month, for a car I no longer am driving. I'm trying to sell it, but it is just sitting in my garage. Should I have to pay for insurance on this car? Can't I just tell them that I'm not driving the car and I don't want to pay for insurance?



Where can i get auto insurance online?

I was looking to buy auto insurance online. anyone know where to start looking



For a 17 year old, How much about is car insurance (relatively) and which places are cheaper?

We were thinking State Farm or Country



Insurance questions for a minor?

I'm about to have a son, I'm 17 I'm on my dads insurance my boyfriend is 20 he's on his parents insurance. Who's insurance does my son go on, or does he go on medicaid? If you just want to insult me for being a young mom keep it to yourself it doesn't hurt my feelings and you're wasting my time.



I need a knee surgery? if i get medical insurance. it will cover the 5500 i need?

my question is when i get interviewed for insurance, should i not tell him about the bad knee so they will take me? i know the surgery will help and i can just wait a month and say i had a sporting accident?



Which companies offer life insurance to clients who have chronic health problems?

I am 37 years old with a diagnosis of lupus (not flaring) with a history of minor kidney involvement, deep vein thrombosis, and high blood pressure. I have been trying to get life insurance but have been consistently denied by the major companies to which I have applied. Does anyone have any suggestions? The only suggestion I received from one company was the hint to purchase Accidental Death and Disability, and if my medical condition worsened, to have an accident . I am hoping for better advice.



Credit scores taking a hit from homeowners insurance checks?

Hubby and I called around checking what rates would be for homeowners insurance, but I got a little ahead of myself, seeing that our closing date isn't until August! I called about 4 places, they all ran our credit and said it will be a light hit on the credit scores... Well how much of a hit will our credit scores take?? The bank wants our credit scores updated since them, since we want that late August closing date.. Anyone know how much of a hit it will be?



Can my uncle insure my car? 10 points?

I'm 17 and have my provisional license. I don't live with my uncle but we live in the same town (in NJ). I can't get put into my parent's insurance since they don't have their licenses. If i get my own car, can my uncle add me onto his policy even though we don't live under the same address? 10 Points



What insurance companies call sports cars?

im a 15 years old and my dad says i cant get a sports car cause i cant afford insurance on it so i want to no if there's a list of all the cars they call sports cars



How much does auto insurance cost in Orange County?

can someone please just give me a rough estimate of the cost per month for one car? Just a used sedan, nothing fancy. I am a single male with a good record. I know it would vary based on a lot of factors, but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure for cost per month.



Is it true people cannot afford health care insurance?

Is it true people cannot afford health care insurance? Or would many rather spend their money on weed, crack, strippers, whores, booze, cigarettes, gambling, body piercings, tattoos, cell phones, internet, cable, eating out, fast-food and other luxuries? People can afford health care; they chose to spend their money on other things.



Why do lots of people have no car insurance?

of course it must be cheaper to have no insurance than pay over 1000 and if you get caught you only pay a small fine (thats if you get caught)



What are the pros and cons of health insurance?

health insurance why buy it



What would you recommend as a first car for a young driver?

must be cheap insurance, affordable and any good insurance companies for young drivers?



Question about health insurance?

I went to the ER in late May and I recently got promoted so I applied for health insurance. However, my health insurance does not go into effect til July. I was told by the hospital that I will be billed in about 2 -3 months. Is there anyway I can use my insurance for the bill or will I have to pay out of pocket?



Anyone know where to get good individual dental insurance thats effective immediatly?

I need my wisdom teeth removed but have no insurance, most individual insurance companies have a 6 month waiting period for procedures other than preventitive. I need them out now because one was infected and I got it treated with antibiotics but Im afraid it will come back because it keeps bleeding. Any help will do and I am in florida.



What is the cheapest car insurance company right now!!!?

What is the cheapest car insurance company right now!!!?



Would it be fair if I give you a bit of tax hikes, since you can now save on more affordable health care which?

I gave to you?



Cheapest car INSURANCE!!!?

whats the cheapest car insruance company for a 17 year old, the cheapest is ecar that i have found



How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle?

My age group is 18-25 I have no experiance How much will be insurance on a : Honda CBR125r Kawasaki Ninja 250r Is an older bike better (Learning, and cheap to insure) for a first time buyer/rider? Location: Canada



Does anyone know an insurance company that will insure expensive cell phones?

AT&T will not insure its own cell phone if it costs too much money. (phones like the Iphone, Tilt, and Duo, among several others) Any phone above $300 dollars before contract and ...show more



Should parents pay for their kid's car insurance?

Ok, my 20 year old stepson who's been living with my husband & I for the past 6 years is now in 2nd year of college and commuting to college... After battling to get my husband to agree that he needs to be responsible and start paying for his own insurance ($50) he started in July & Aug... Granted we gave him a car to use... All summer he was not able to get a second job (all year worked pt at a store) as he delayed applying since he wanted to see his mother for the summer... Mind that his mother who lives out of state did not pay any child support for the 4.5 years he was living with us... She only paid out of court order for the last 1.5 years of his hs years and immediately stopped once he started college... Now, my step son doesn't feel he should continue paying for car insurance as he doesn't feel he can afford it and my husband feels he shouldn't coz he never asked for anything... I feel he needs to be more responsible as a young adult... Although he doesn't ask for things, I'm looking at his future and hoping that he can grow up to be responsible... He already wasted his first year in college wasting the money he had earned from the pt job always going out with his friends instead of coming home to eat or packing food... Perhaps that's b/c his dad always gave him money for lunch... He could've used that money to pay for college and save, but ofcourse it didn't happen eventhough my husband kept letting him stay in school 'till late at night sometimes as late as 2 or 3 am... Is it wrong for me to suggest that he pay his own car insurance?... I have my own son (17 yo) also from previous relationship and is getting him prepared to get his license next year when he graduates hs and have already been helping him save so he can pay for his own car insurance as well... Any input is appreciated.



How much should my car insurance cost?

I am a 17 year old male and my dad bought me a 2007 Nissan Altima. He wants me to pay the insurance and I figured that it might be high...so I need estimates.



How much will insurance be for a 17year old?

I understand its going to be through the roof but i wanting to find an estimate of course it also depends on the car but if i was to have a small car like a smart car with 3 doors and 2 seat how much would it be approx or any ideas how much it may cost


Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?


Life Insurance for my family?

I'm trying to figure out if it will be worth to get life insurance for my family? Now, when I say family I mean my parents and siblings. I'm only concern with getting something that's affordable like term insurance I didn't hear to many good things about whole insurance.



Are vauxhall corsa's cheap on insurance?

Are vauxhall corsa's cheap on insurance?



How much does motorcycle insurance cost in California? I'm 20 years old and thinking of getting a bike.?

I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha R6. Still don't know what year? Anyone got any tips of what year i should get?



DReam asks Can i buy health insurance?

I am a dreamer & i see i dont qualify for obama care i got that but i want to know if i can buy health insurance from a company or something?? Im abt to work in a plant & they required health insurance...



What car will get me the cheapest insurance?

what are factors for my car that will make my insurance lower example so i know which car to get



Car insurance help I want to know the price?

I want to get a car but the only thing holding me back is the cost of insurance. I'm 18 and with the good student discount my dad pays $300 a month for my 02 Nissan sentra. It's under my dads name. If anybody knows abt how much it wud cost for insurance for the listed cars below that wud help me out soo much!! Thanx in advance! 06 lancer evo Mazda 3 (hatchback) scion xb 05 or 09 wud a stick shift make a difference in price?



How to Get Health Insurance If You're Not Married?

In CT how can you be put on your boy/girlfriends insurance if you're not married? We live and own a house together. CT does not recognize common-law marriage.



Would you let your teenager daughter drive a classic car?

An old catalina convertible to be exact. She is very responsible, however, do you think it is too dangerous of a car? Also, how much would insurance be on a classic car with a student driver?



HOw much does PIP insurance cost in miami florida?

does anyone know how much would PIP insurance cost for a 18 year old female driving a white 2002 SATURN SL2 in miami florida



Well for my first car what should it be? thats affordable and wont kill me in insurance.?

I love mustangs as i said before in my last question and i would like to know any suggestions to get other than that (that's a sporty stylish car) with leather seats and tiny (something like a mustang).



Should i tell my car insurance about some mods?

still on my 1st year driving and looking at a new car thats going to be a steal. Only thing is its got a few mods. its a 1.4 05 corsa with alloys, full leather seats, tinted rear windows and a performance exhaust fitted. when i shopped online and said it had NO mods it was like 950 insurance (im 24 so) and when i changed it to see what it was WITH the mods your talking like 1600 odds. Whats the advice on this one? i know i SHOULD tell them but does the exhaust really do anything to engine power? so should i bother telling them and just continue driving safe? of tell them incase someone drives into me lol points for best answer :)



Need cheap health insurance for my family....?

Im unemployed and currently receiving unemployment. I need leads or info on cheap or affordable health insurance for my 3 children and I. I live in Dallas, Texas if that helps or makes any difference.



Where to buy individual health insurance?

I am looking to buy an individual health plan. I have just quited my job and have opened a small automobile repair shop. What are the options?



Generally speaking, what's the cheapest auto insurance you could get?

Generally speaking, what's the cheapest auto insurance you could get?



Auto insurance on lease vs purchase ?

is there usually a big difference on auto insurance when financing a new car vs leasing one? thanks guys :)



High deductible, low premium?

hello, can someone please explain insurance terminology? what does high deductible mean? who should get this and who SHOULDN'T? i am trying to help my parents by purchasing ...show more



Explanation for Insurance quote in Oregon?

Hi folks, I just moved to Oregon from CA. I got a quote from State Farm which suits my need. I just got a quote from an agent. She mentioned something like this in the quote. I have me and my wife as drivers. Automobile liability with W/P $25000 50/100/50. I mean to ask what does W/P $25000 mean? Is it mandatory to have PIP in Oregon? Thanks for your help.



How much would it cost to insure a pontiac firebird?

Im turning 16 soon and will be getting a car I was wondering how much money it would cost to insure a 1997 Pontiac Firebird.



What is a cheap auto insurance for a 20yr old male student?

What is a cheap auto insurance company for a college student 20yr old male, good grades



I can't find car insurance for under 5000?

I'm 17, and I understand my age is of course affecting the price of my car insurance, but I am getting 5000 quotes for a 1.0L Vauxhall Corsa 1998. I am expecting it to be high, but not that high for a crappy car. So could any one recommend any insurance company who will hopefully cut that down to 2000-3000?



How do people with serious health problems make it without health insurance?

I know that some people don't. But those of you who are in that situation and are doing okay, how do you do it?



Does anyone have health insuance?

I need help! I need health insurance and unable to get it due to my chron's diease. I live in Califorina and no one will help me because my husband and I make too much money (yeah right) I need some help on what to do please anyone



Are Companies Required to Offer Health Insurance?

Are companies with a certain number of employees required to offer health insurance?



Car insurance rates for teens?

can u tell me how high are the rates to insure a car for a teen for a 2008 acura tsx? would this vehicle cost a lot to insure. Are their discounts for students? thanks



Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums?

Pretty sure I know the answer to my question, but I want to run it by the pros . Doing my taxes and I'm to Form 1098. The form asks what my Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums are. This is the additional $40 mortgage or loan insurance I pay each month, correct? The IRS is not asking for information about my Nationwide Home Owners Insurance Policy (aka: Hazard Insurance). Thanks.


Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?


How can i get insurance for my kid in nj from the state?

I cant afford insurance for my kid can i get it threw nj from the state



Low Insurance Car For Teen Boy?

I am turning 16 in a couple of months and I need to know what USED vehicles would be best for low insurance. Nothing lower than 1998 and nothing higher than 2007. Please give me some suggestions. NO ugly cars either...



Corporate health insurance?

What will be the benefit to the company for availing a group health insurance for its employees. please explain thoroughly. Thanks!



Are there anyways of lowering my car insurance? 19 Yr Old Male.?

Im a 19 year old male and I have my own suzuki swift sport which I have worked hard for for the last few years. The only thing is my insurance is around 3000 a year (brand new car)........ I dont mind going on my mothers insurance for example, im not worried about not being able to build my own no claims bonus............................. I have done a small amount of research into going onto my mothers policy and it wasn't that much cheaper........................are there and other ways of legal going about this? Thanks for your time, Matt.



Cheap car insurance for new drivers??

does anybody know where i can get the cheapest car insurance for a Peugeot 106 1.1 im 17 and should pass my test by November, thanks.



How much will insurance cost for a BMW z3?

I'm 16 years old but will be 17 next month. So lets say Im 17 for now. Im looking to buy a BMW z3 because they are pretty cheap and really nice cars. I maintain a 3.0 GPA and have a clean record and live in Southern California. Anyone have an estimate on how much insurance will be?



Car insurance for a 16 year old!?

I get my license next month and I finally saved up enough money to get a 1998 BMW Roadster, how much would the monthly insurance cost on average? & if i own the car will that help?



Ticket for no insurance?

Last year around September I made the grave mistake of letting a friend borrow my car to see his girlfriend and he claimed to have just gotten his license and it was supposed to come in the mail within the next week. I believed him and it's my fault, no question about that. He got pulled over and the cops gave him a ticket for no proof of insurance. And because he didn't have a license, they impounded my car for 30 days, but if he had gotten his license within that time, I could've retrieved my car earlier, but he was not cooperating. To make a long story short, I paid 1,500 out of my pocket to release my car from the impound lot, and my car was insured at the time but he was too dumb to find it in my glove compartment and got a ticket for 2,000. He now wants proof of insurance to dismiss the ticket but I'm not giving him it until I'm reimbursed for the impound fees. Is there any way he can get out of the no insurance ticket without proof of insurance? I live in California btw. Thanks!



How much insurance cost would it cost for a provisional driver on a vauxal corsa?

hi, im 16 and soon to be 17 and learning to drive. i want to find out how much it would cost for me to be on a vauxal corsa (2001?)(1.3L) on a provisional learners license. i wanted to go on my mums tesco car insurance but they said i need to give them my provisional licence details but ive only recently sent off for one so i cant give them the details.. any ideas on the cost (any insurer) thankyou so much! katherine



Motorcycle insurance?

im 18 and am looking to buy a street bike to save on gas (i spend 80 a week now) the only thing im concerned about is insurance costs what are you guys paying???



Finding the cheapest Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

I'm looking for a good resource to find Medicare Supplemental Insurance, including quotes. Can anyone help?



Insurance and child support?

If my husband provides insurance through his work to his daughter and is also paying child support on her is he going to be responsible for the co-pay everytime she goes to the doctor? His daughter also has a secondary insurance through the state that her mom collects we were just wondering if the secondary insurance would pay or who would be responsible. The mother or him???



Car insurance?

ok well im 16 and a male. my mom just bought me a 2007 lexus gs for my bday. i havnt gotten in any accedents, so i wanted to knw how much my car insurance would be. my mom said she spoiled me enough by giving me the car, so she wont help with the insurance.



Is it possible to get car insurance in new york? sign the contract but not available?

I just bought a used car, and insure that car though an agency, they told me my insurance will be available at 0:00 next day. However, unfortunately, I involved in a car accident 2 hours later after I sign the contract. Is it possible for me to get insurance? What should I do? Is there anybody who can help me?



How much will Liability Car Insurance Cost For A 20 year Old Male?

Im going to get a car soon, something 2004 or older.



Which auto insurance company will NOT check my credit?

I saw an advertisement for one, but forget which one it is. I have pretty good credit, but I do not believe in their correlation between credit & driving skills. I also do not believe that they should penalize people with bad credit under the assumption that these people will file a false claim. These insurance companies have all the incentive to damage people's credit files so they charge more for their products. I also pay in full, so they will not be extending credit to me. Even if the policy costs more, I do not wish to reward bad behavior by doing business with the big insurance companies.



Cheapest florida car insurance?

i only want liability and im looking for really cheap car insurance please help



What is the cost of Home Owner's Insurance?

I'm going to be buying a home and would like to know if anyone knows what the approximate cost would be for HO Insurance? I already have Renter's Insurance, and would like to know if the price difference is dramatic or not. The home is 1902squ. feet, 4 bedroom, built in 2006,I am purchasing the home for just under $100,000, it is worth a lot more than that, as its a foreclosure.



Do i need car insurance for a family member to teach me to drive?

I am 17 in 2 weeks and am going to start my driving lessons, along side my lessons with a licensed instructor I would like my mother to also give me some extra help like driving around quiet roads, or in a empty car park. For this I need insurance but I obviously don't want to pay full out insurance for just learning. I have heard of something called learner driver insurance would this work for what I want to do? If so do you have a link of where I could buy it or know any other way that I could legally learn to dive in the car? Thanks Josh



If one driver in a marriage becomes disabled, are insurance rates reduced?

My husband (82) is disabled and can no longer drive. I am the sole driver now. Do the insurance rates remain the same or are they based on one driver only?



What is the average price for teen car insurance in RI?

I'm a guy ! :)



Why such a difference between insurance quotes on a 2011 Challenger?

I got quotes from Geico, Nationwide, and Progressive I chose full coverage 500 dollar deductible on a 2000 Silverado 1500 4X4 3DR and a 2011 Dodge Challenger SE 2Dr Coupe This is for a 20 year old guy with clean driving record. Why are they so different? These are the prices I got Nationwide - $603 a month Progreeive - $450 a month Geico - $187 a month If Geico didn't offer it for $187 I would not be able to buy the 2011 Challenger. Does anyone know if Geico will go up to $400 or $600 a month after my first 6 month's I really need to know cause this is my last deciding factor before buying the Challenger?



Cheap car insurance in Highland, CA?

Um i live in highland ca 92346, im 18 male just got my license 1 month ago, jux bought a 96 honda accord, anniversary edition. 4 doors, 150 k, excellent condition, which car insurance is the lowest for a guy my age?



Why are insurance companies restricted from selling health insurance to anyone?

Why would any state decide not to let an insurance company compete?



Auto Insurance Coverage - How much coverage should I buy?

Next week, I'll be switching to another auto insurance. My previous limits with another company were: -minimum MD state 20/40/15 for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist, and property damage -PIP $2500 -250/500 for Comprehensive/Collision, had road service, towing, and rental. I don't have many assets. I'm a renter and I live from paycheck to paycheck. I have no accidents, no tickets, and no violations for the last 8 years. I'm a cautious driver. I drive a 2003 Honda Civic. The new insurance company is offering me $759/year for the limits 100/300/100 Bodily Injury Liability and matching for Uninsured Motorist + Property Damage, 250/500 for Comp/Coll, road service, towing, and rentals, PIP 2500. I've seen different answers that say 100/300/100 would be better for those who own a house and have a better income. What do you think is a recommended coverage going?


Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?


How much would the car insurance for a Cadillac Escalade 2011 be?

The car is for an 18 year old and two other adults are included in the insurance plan for State Farm.



What is the Average Insurance cost on a Snowmobile?

I was going to buy a 1972 moto ski Snowmobile, And i'm 14 and inexperienced on them.. How much do you Figure the Insurance would cost? (I'm not going to call, you don't need to know why.) And i'm in southern Canada.



How much do you spend on your car payment/insurance per a month?

and is it a used or new car?



Does anyone know about how much insurance costs for a Mitsubishi Lancer?

Im 16 so if that changes anything and im from texas and the car is a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



What would my insurance be in this situation?

I am 20 years old I have had my license for 10 months but did not have insurance nor have i ever had insurance or a car under my name. I am goin to buy a cheap non sports car and am wondering what it will cost me for LIABILITY only to have insurance, yearly and monthly , and do i have to make a down payment?



I am looking for affordable health insurance company for myself, I an single male 40 years old. I dont need?

dental or vision coverage just prescription drugs, dr, visits coverages. and Iive in New Jersey. I dont have coverage through a company and I am willing to pay for a health insurance ...show more



Good morning! Can anyone suggest a good dental insurance plan?

We had blue cross and blue shield and were not happy with it! We live in a semi small area and the only dentist office that accepted our plan never called us back after 15 voice mails and NEVEr answered their phones so we never were able to make an appointment! So I cancelled the policy. We need some dental insurance. I need to take my son in to get his teeth looked at and my husbands. We live in FL and there just doesn't seem to be a lot that I'm finding. Anyone have a suggestion?



At what age does your car insurance rate go down?

I am 22, I own a new truck, and my insurance is really expensive. what age does the rate go down? I am waiting for the next school semester to start so I can get my good student discount.. thanks.



Does anyone know the cheapest auto insurance?

In florida that is? i'm 18 and trying to buy my first car. I'm almost to my car cost mark and I know that i'm going to have to be ready to buy auto insurance....and I'm not 'bankin'' lol.



How much do you pay a month in auto insurance?

ok i am 23 years old..i live in the city. i was interested in getting a dodge charger r/t.. hemi included..anyhow, i called to get an insurance quote and they told me that i'd have to put 1000 down and pay 800 a month in auto insurance alone. i think that is so crazy. but if i move 20 minutes away i'd pay 550. i am so frustrated because i know that my age is working against me. my brother is financing a 2000 bonneville ssei and he is only paying 340 a month and he is 21. do you think the year and model of the car is what made the quote so high? what kinda car do you have and what is your monthly ins cost?



How much do Brits pay monthly for health insurance?

I see them on here all the time talking about how much better their system is than ours, that it is more affordable. How do they know how much it is costing them monthly if they are taxed to pay for it?



How much does insurance company pay for a totaled car with previously rebuilt title issued?

So I am looking to buy a car with rebuilt title( please dont tell me that I should not buy it, I know all the pros and cons). So lets say I have full coverage insurance and I get in accident and the car is totaled. What kind of money will I get from insurance? Clean trade in value? Clean retail value? Or half of clean trade in? I am just concerned if I should purchase full coverage insurance for it or no. If my monthly premium would cost as much as for clean title car, but I would get only 50% of it in case of an accident, than it does not have sense. Car is Honda Accord with $10000 KBB value and my insurance company is AAA Michigan.



Insurance quote on nissan navra ?

in febuary i will be 17 is there any chance i would be able to get a quote on a truck like that or am i living in a dream world



Possible to have such cheap car insurance at 20 years old?

Hello all, i'm looking for car insurance on gocompare.com site and if i'm taking the insurance on my own name, the price comes up at 1,200 for a 1995 Ford Fiesta LX 1.2. I am 20 years old, male and held the licence for 1 year (1 year and 6 months to be exact) and have 0 NCB. Now, here is where the 'cheap' part comes in. The 1,200 was ON me as a prosper and owner of the car. If i put my step dad as first driver (main) and me as an additional driver (second) it comes up as 1,500 for insurance. How is that possible? He has 6 years no claims and held the licence for over 20 years. Never made a claim or had accident. Now if i put my self as FIRST driver and him as SECOND driver, meaning that everything goes on me and i would be getting no claims bonus every year, i get the price at :- 750! Now basically my question is - Is that possible? The companies that are at 750 are Diamond, Elephant, and Admiral. Then the prices goes up to 1,500+



Car insurance question! HELP HELP HELP?

I just bought a car from a dealership and its sittin there. but tomorow i plan on changing to a NJ license cause currently i have a MA license. They said i need to get insurance for the car before they let me take the car. So if I go to any insurance place tomorw will i be able to get the insurance THAT day? and then get my car ? THANKS



Insurance is WAY too high...help!?

I am 19, female and have just passed my driving test ... however, the cheapest insurance I have found is 1400 :( I have tried all of the companies who are on tv...admiral is the cheapest, norwich union and theives (almost 4 grand for a fiat punto!!), sheilas wheels and diamond are expensive too. Does anyone have any suggestions of cheap car insurance providers?



Approximately how much does car insurance cost for a typical 18 year old female?

Approximately how much does car insurance cost for a typical 18 year old female?



Car Insurance?

Is it possible for two brothers to be under the Named (or Names) Insured list on a car insurance statement or any paper relating to car insurance. Can two brothers be insured together?



Is progressive auto insurance reliable?

I just bought a 2009 Honda Civic EX. I've checked various quotes online based on my info, and they range near the $2000 (sometimes, just a 6 month policy). I just checked progressive, and it estimated a quote near the $1380 a year, that is $689.90 (6 month policy). It's a BIG difference, that's why I want to know what I'm getting into, any inputs???



Does car insurance really go down when you get married?

I have heard that insurance goes down once you get married. Is this true? If it is, how much? Is it significan't? Do you have to be married before you turn 25 for this to apply? I have heard so many conflicting answers. Help??..



Will insurance cover transmission damage?

Someone stol my car I reported it the insurane company is saying my transmission is out will they cover the cost of this or say its normal wear and tear it was working when I was driving it



Should I pay insurance on a car that I can't drive?

I'm very frustrated with this car & I won't be able to pay to get it fixed until September. Some people are telling me to still pay insurance on it, & others are telling me that it doesn't make sense to waste money, & that I should cancel the insurance. I don't know. I'm about to cry.



Can i get homeowners insurance on second home?

I have a second home and need to get homeowners insurance on it. Is it possible to get this kind of policy on a second home?



Need information on affordable senior health insurance?

I need information on affordable senior health insurance policies. Im leaning toward a private insurance company, like this one- http://seniorhealthinsurance-fl.com/ (if possible) in the Florida area. Thanks!



Can anyone get affordable home insurance?

I live in an older home and it is the family home. I am a senior citizen and have always had homeowners insurance....until this year..seems it just got to expensive it was out of my reach. I would like to get some but has to b reasonable.My home at this time does need some little repairs which I will need to do...BUT will I b able to get insurance before the repairs are done..I realize I will have to pay for those myself..But want to try to get insurance for the future....Will they insure a home before the repairs are done? or Not? Thank u I live in Texas


Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?

Who pays for damages if my friend drove my car without insurance?